Our Team

Dmitriy Katsel

When I was at the University of California, Santa Barbara created a student organization that allowed students to work on advertising campaigns for local businesses and organizations; outside of a handful of internship opportunities in the area, this was the only opportunity students had for experiential business learning on-campus. When I was graduating, I realized that there is a whole mechanism at play where companies are genuinely interested in collaborating with universities to seek new knowledge and talent, and universities are investing in incorporating experiential learning as a method of improving learning and skills outcomes.
Spring Theory was born out of this experience and initial guidance from initial trial-clients and professors. Since then, we have grown to over 50 university partners and hundreds of corporate clients that seek to collaborate better together. My role currently is to find new ways to deepen relationships with our university and corporate partners, use feedback from our partners to improve on our framework and work to build an experience for all that is reliable, seamless and impactful.

Matt Colgan

I joined Spring Theory to run the project development side of the operation, where I am responsible for working with our company partners to identify the right projects and courses at any given semester.

Senior Client Development Manager


Debra Risch

As Spring Theory’s projects grew and became more complex, the need for a dedicated partnership manager became obvious. I joined the team to help expand our university network, and to help ensure a simple, streamlined process throughout each collaboration.

I find new courses, programs, and professors and take the time to understand the course focus and concepts covered, as well as project needs and preferences. I also serve as a resource for professors, students and clients in projects and as the point person for our university partners during the matchmaking process.

University Partnerships Manager


Tyler Sluder

Tyler is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and has extensive higher education experience. Tyler joined Spring Theory to help with Client Development. He is responsible for engaging corporate clients with unique university projects to create positive experiential learning opportunities.

Client Development Manager


Terrenz vong

Over the last decade, I've focused my career on making lifelong learning opportunities more accessible to different communities. My passion lies in helping others accomplish their goals through elevating resources that support positive change, and that continues to be at the foundation of my work in higher education at Spring Theory.

As a Client Development Manager, I help identify and support corporate partners that can provide unforgettable experiential learning opportunities to students. These experiences allow students to truly showcase their unique knowledge and skills while helping our partners bring ideas to life or solve real challenges. For me, the results of these collaborations are energizing.

Client Development Manager


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Our Values

We believe genuine, meaningful interactions go a long way—so we do everything in our power to stay real, humble, human.

We’re fearless—there’s no collaboration too big to approach, no challenge too hard to tackle. We constantly push ourselves to make new partnerships, experiences, and ideas a reality.

We call ourselves Spring Theory for a reason—we’re proud to be bright and a little quirky, and we have a knack for making connections between ideas and people that others may overlook.