bridging the gap

Spring Theory connects universities and companies around meaningful collaborations. These experiential learning opportunities enrich real world experiences for students and provide unique solutions for companies.

What We Do

We engage courses from the nation’s top universities to create a company-proposed project — from design, consumer insight, digital marketing, and everything in between — leading to successful corporate university partnerships that benefit both students and companies alike. At the end of each semester, students present their ideas and recommendations to our company partners as food for thought. These ideas frequently become springboards for implementation.

Spring Theory's industry network includes hundreds of leading companies, including over 30% of the Interbrand Best Global Brands

Discover how Companies use Spring Theory to collaborate with universities

Uncover New Ideas

Top students and faculty and our partnering university spend months researching, analyzing and designing solutions for client-specific challenges.

Access Matching University Partners

The right fit between a university project opportunity and a client makes all the difference-- from location, timing, areas of interest and project capabilities-- that is where our advantage of nurturing a network of over 50 university partners comes in handy.

Build a Talent Pipeline

Our process allows companies to integrate frequent university collaborations into their team's capabilities-- providing a network of knowledge discovery and access to top talent.

Our Role

Our approach to each pairing ensures that all parties, from company to classroom, spend their time in productive and satisfying ways.





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