Spring Theory
Milestone Application

Allowing students and companies
to better collaborate on projects.

The Spring Theory milestone application, which is offered at no cost to universities, makes classroom-industry projects work more seamlessly through centralized communication and milestone-based collaboration. Professors have more visibility into student progress with less time, students have more access to clients for feedback and clients are able to provide more focused feedback.

The application allows professors and clients set as little as one milestone as as many as they would like. Every milestone has a specific date for students to submit an update and a date for clients to submit their feedback.


Professors are able to have a birds-eye view on all classroom projects, each team's progress and interaction with clients.

  • Seamless classroom-industry project management
  • View all client projects
  • Plan milestones and set target dates
  • View progress check-ins from each team
  • View client-student interactions and provide additional feedback

Clients are able to much more seamlessly collaborate with one or multiple student teams by having a centralized place to view milestone updates and provide feedback.

  • Compartmentalized and structured project feedback that is outside the inbox
  • View all Active and Completed Collaborations

Students are able to have more structured and reliable access to their client through milestone-based interactions. They are able to form themselves into teams.

  • Organize into teams
  • Submit milestone updates to the client
  • Review feedback
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Receive feedback from the professor (private to the team or accessible to the client)
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