Our Vision | Spring Theory

​Our vision, our values, and a statement from Dmitriy Katsel, founder of Spring Theory.

We believe that every successful collaboration should embody the following characteristics:

1The participating company, the professor and the students should have clarity on the goals, expectations, process and responsibilities of the collaboration.

2The project scope should match the goals, structure and focus of the curriculum.

3The outcome and deliverables of the collaboration should have a real impact on the business goals of the participating company.

I believe that we can build a bridge between the world of industry and the world of academia and that this bridge will make a positive impact on every company, every university and ultimately every person around the world.

This is a company that we started when I was a student myself and I started it to build a mechanism that allows universities to collaborate with corporations by matching them around project opportunities.

Over time and with the help of many partnering faculty, company clients and family members and friends we were able to build and grow this bridge to include over one hundred company participants and over twenty universities to collaborate with each other every semester.

Dmitriy Katsel
Founder of Spring Theory

Our Values


We believe genuine, meaningful interactions go a long way—so we do everything in our power to stay real, humble, human.


We’re fearless—there’s no collaboration too big to approach, no challenge too hard to tackle. We constantly push ourselves to make new partnerships, experiences, and ideas a reality.


We call ourselves Spring Theory for a reason—we’re proud to be bright and a little quirky, and we have a knack for making connections between ideas and people that others may overlook.