spring theory


Spring Theory matches companies with universities in semester-long
collaborations to explore solutions to big challenges.

Open Positions

University Collaborations Manager

Our University Collaboration Manager position will be responsible for onboarding faculty and helping to ensure that their corporate collaborations are successful

From initial onboarding to project updates and success management, this role will make a huge impact on our startup and on the impact that we make on our partners.

The role relies on the following skill sets and tasks on a daily basis:

1. Work with faculty to understand their needs, timelines and project ideas

2. Create professional-quality documentation and coordinate design and approval

3. Update faculty regularly on project progress, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and happy

4. Reach out and network with other potential contacts to grow our network and strengthen our relationships with institutions

5. Proactively problem-solve and be on top of communication with lots of follow-up and follow-through

6. Coordinate across many projects and multiple people per project to ensure that everyone is happy and on the same page

7. Keep information organized and maintain a solid workflow

8. Thrive in a startup environment, which means moving fast, adapting to evolving workflow/systems and being proactive.


$40,000 on-target earnings for the first year (35,000 base and $5,000 bonus)

Competitive PTO

Flexible work environment with a weekly work-from-home day

Small team with a positive, supportive work culture

Company Values


We believe genuine, meaningful interactions go a long way—so we do everything in our power to stay real, humble, human.


We’re fearless—there’s no collaboration too big to approach, no challenge too hard to tackle.

We constantly push ourselves to make new partnerships, experiences, and ideas a reality.


We call ourselves Spring Theory for a reason—we’re proud to be bright and a little quirky, and we have a knack for making connections between ideas and people that others may overlook.

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About Us

We engage courses from the nation’s top universities to create a company-proposed project—from design, consumer insight, digital marketing, and everything in between—leading to successful corporate university partnerships that benefit both students and companies alike. At the end of each semester, students present their ideas and recommendations to our company partners as food for thought. These ideas frequently become springboards for implementation.
Spring Theory has designed a process that’s simple and clear, making meaningful university collaborations between brands and students possible.

Our approach to each pairing ensures that all parties, from company to classroom, spend their time in productive and satisfying ways


Projects that make an IMPACT

Collaboration experience that meets corporate needs and expectations

Scalable source of new ideas,
research and recruiting

NDA and IP support


High-quality and relevant projects for experiential learning and PhD research

Real-world experience where students make a real impact through their creativity, skills and knowledge

Project management support

Adaptable to university policy, process and timing

our role


Project Development Support

Collaboration Management